Marc Newson - Alice Rawsthorn
Marc Newson - Alice Rawsthorn

Marc Newson - Alice Rawsthorn

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MARC NEWSON by Alice Rawsthorn.
I first saw the @realmarcnewson Lockheed lounge in the @‪madonna‬ "Rain" music video. At the time I was a teenager in rural Australia, mesmerized by it (and that incredible video directed by @markromanek). I had no idea that Marc was also Australian, or that his chair would go onto sell for over $1.6 million. I did not know he was such an important creative force, and that @gagosian decided to represent him (the first Industrial Designer to be represented as an artist). Or that he would soon become the Creative Director for @Qantas — redesigning aircraft interiors, experiences and airport lounges (the best ones!). But I DID KNOW this chair must have been influenced by the space age.
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