Pradasphere - Prada
Pradasphere - Prada

Pradasphere - Prada

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PRADASPHERE by Michael Rock.

I was so jealous when I saw this book — and it inspired me so much at the same time. It was everything I wanted to do professionally: incredible craft, beautiful design, and the budgets to do things properly. It's why I've been an enormous fan of @Prada and continue to love the brand. Lavish and layered PRADASPHERE is a true inspiration. The book takes you on an aesthetic brand journey spanning the past 30 years. Exclusive photographs of clothing and accessories illustrate Prada's design narrative, showing their exquisite craftsmanship and materials behind the clothes and campaigns like this F/W 2007/2008 by Meisel. I visited their Milan office after the release. I desperately wanted to pitch a project for them. I was there sitting in a conference room looking at a mood board on the wall, and was struck by how every single image was pinned perfectly. The spacing was identical and the color of the thumbtacks was consistent. Every single detail was thoughtful. A very handsome well-dressed man gave me a coffee on a perfect silver tray. It was the chicest meeting I'd ever been to. Nothing was ill-considered. That is true luxury. And that is exactly why this book is such a masterpiece. -Richard

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