1990s - Marcelo Krasilcic

1990s - Marcelo Krasilcic

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1990s by Marcelo Krasilcic

Part of a generation of photographers that includes Juergen Teller and Terry Richardson, Marcel Krasilcic (born 1969) moved to New York in 1990. He quickly became known for his spare but erotic photographs of liberated youth, artists, designers and musicians, such as Maurizio Cattelan, Chloë Sevigny and Everything but the Girl--photographs that captured the spirit of the 1990s in situ. Krasilcic went on to forge an international career as a fashion photographer, portraitist and director of art, music and fashion videos. At more than 300 pages, this oversize, clothbound, slipcased, two-volume publication features the work for which Krasilcic is best known.



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