Hotel Majestic - Luke Edward Hall

Hotel Majestic - Luke Edward Hall

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HOTEL MAJESTIC by Luke Edward Hall

'I was in a hammock overlooking the Douro river on a Saturday in May 2017, reading a book about one of my aesthetic heroes, Stephen Tennant, when I came across a passage that stopped me in my tracks. It described a short trip to Italy taken by Tennant with his friend and lover Siegfried Sassoon in the late 1920s and it so wonderfully captured not only the essence of my favourite country to visit, but also the simple, intimate pleasures of travelling with a loved one. I resolved there and then, biography in one hand, glass of Vinho Verde in the other, that this short piece of writing would become the inspiration for a small collection of new drawings and paintings.

Hotel Majestic is an ode to the romance of travel and the magical joy of discovering new places with someone you love.' — Luke Edward Hall, 2018