Paul Smith A to Z - Paul Smith
Paul Smith A to Z - Paul Smith

Paul Smith A to Z - Paul Smith

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PAUL SMITH: A to Z by Paul Smith.

Once upon a time I sent a box of our work accompanied with a note to @paulsmith, directly to his @paulsmithdesign office in London. His wink and contagious enthusiasm felt very @chandeliercreative and all the things I love. In our 13 years of business and thousands of packages to CMO’s and Founders, he was the first to write back personally. He sent a handwritten note to thank me for sending my agency's work and commented on how much he liked it. He wrote that he had an existing relationship with another creative who he was very happy with, and wished me well on my new business. I was deeply impressed that a busy, successful entrepreneur would go through the trouble of writing a handwritten note to a scrappy young creative agency looking for work. I never forgot that. I understood how that little detail spoke volumes about the way he ran his business. Which is why I have been such a big fan of the brand ever since, and collected all of the books he has published. Including “Paul Smith: A to Z”, which details curiosities from his office on page 120.

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