Calder - H.H. Arnason

Calder - H.H. Arnason

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CALDER by H.H. Arnason 

Concieved, photographed, and designed by the renowned photographer Ugo Mulas, this comprehensive book is an appreciation and evocation of Calder's life and ar. Taken over 15 years, Mulas' brilliant photographs capture Calder's joyous, triumphant works in their natural settings - many in Calder's homes and studios in Roxbury, Connecticut, and Sache, rance; and many others throughout the world. The book presents a full survey of Calder's prolific work, from his mobiles and stabiles, wire and circus sculpture, to his recent striking gouaches and theatrical designs. The introductory text by H. Harvard Arnason, an outstanding authority on contemporary art, traces Calder's life and career, and Calder himself has supplied revealing comments on many of the photographs. Together they give us a unique record of the life and creations of a great American artist and most remarkable man.



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