Carolina Herrera - Alexandra Kotur, Hamish Bowles

Carolina Herrera - Alexandra Kotur, Hamish Bowles

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CAROLINA HERRERA by Alexandra Kotur and Hamish Bowles

Weaving together elegance, delicacy, and femininity, Carolina Herrera has
defined a graceful aesthetic that is all her own. Born into an aristocratic family,
Herrera's fashion sensibilities were awakened when she attended her first
fashion show, at age thirteen. Since her emergence as a renowned beauty
surrounded by royals and artists, Carolina Herrera has established herself
as the woman who dresses women who know how to dress. Told through the
lens of celebrated photographers and the words of friends, colleagues, and
admirers, this is the story of one of today's most timeless designers and most
remarkable women.


10.5 x 1 x 13.8 inches

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