Herb Ritts - Herb Ritts * AS IS *
Herb Ritts - Herb Ritts * AS IS *

Herb Ritts - Herb Ritts * AS IS *

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HERB RITTS by Herb Ritts.

Herb Ritts. Perhaps more than any other person he inspired me to do something creative with my life. I saw "Herb Ritts: Men/Women" when I was in my late teens. My brother was working as a gallery attendant at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Brisbane, Australia. I was waiting for him in the bookshop when I saw MEN/WOMEN on the wall. How could anyone capture such perfection? How could someone take the humor and make it look so sculptural? How could someone even make these sorts of images? At the time I was an overweight teenager with low self-esteem. I remember gazing at these images of the most beautiful men and women possible thinking that there must be a way to live in that world. This book, and his other masterpiece "Notorious," were the first two “art books” I purchased. At the time they were about $100 each, which was a staggering amount of money. I pored over those books, getting to know every page in every layout. My two original copies are at the Owl Bureau, and I’m excited to send them off to someone else to get inspired the same way I did. 

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