The Best of Flair - Fleur Cowles
The Best of Flair - Fleur Cowles

The Best of Flair - Fleur Cowles

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THE BEST OF FLAIR by Fleur Cowles

When I worked in publishing, it was my dream to have a cutout or a pop-up in the magazine. In a world where publishing has become a formula, those bells and whistles are unfortunately exclusively reserved for the occasional fragrance insert or large advertiser. And so what a dream it was to find somebody who championed that idea. Fleur Cowles' FLAIR magazine was revolutionary in the 1950s and would be unheard of today. Her magazine existed for only one year and twelve issues, from February 1950 to January 1951. In that time, it published the likes of Jean Cocteau, Tennessee Williams, Simone de Beauvoir, Gloria Swanson, John O’Hara, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bernard Baruch, Gypsy Rose Lee, the Duchess of Windsor, Lucien Freud, Salvador Dalí, Colette, and Saul Steinberg, among others — until the magazine ran out of money without brave advertisers to support it. Undaunted, she moved on. In her own words: "Few women have lived more multiple lives than I have: as editor: as that anomaly, an American president’s personal representative, decorated by six governments; as a writer of thirteen books and contributor to six others; as a painter, with fifty-one one-man exhibitions throughout the world; patron of the arts and sciences, irrepressible traveller and, more importantly, friend-gatherer". This book is a highly sought-after volume detailing one of the most influential magazines of the twentieth century. Fleur Cowles inspired me greatly because she understood the first rule is theatre. More than anything else, people need to be entertained.



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